Furniture Collections in the Louvre

Furniture Collections in the Louvre

Daniel Alcouffe et Anne Dion-Tenenbaum et Amaury Lefébure et Bill G.B. Pallot

Two volumes with format 23 X 30 cm
Volume I: 360 pages - 345 illustrations colors
Volume II: 212 pages - 205 illustrations colors
The two volumes connected fabric under jacket are delivered together in a box full main paper bookbinder

Date de parution : Mars 1995
ISBN : 978-2-87844-016-4

Version en anglais

309,00 €

Of all the important collections of furniture exhibited in Paris or Versailles, in New York or other capital cities, that the Louvre is indisputably the richest and the most admired.

Since inheriting the French royal collections, it has been enriched regularly with objects commensurate with the prestige of its origins, in accordance with a very selective acquisitions policy.