The Louvre's bronzes furnitures

Daniel Alcouffe et Anne Dion-Tenenbaum et Gérard Mabille

320 pages au format 23 x 30 cm
sur papier couché classique 150 g
315 illustrations couleurs
relié pleine toile sous jaquette illustrée dans un coffret maître-relieur

Date de parution : juin 2004
ISBN : 978-2-87844-066-9

Version en anglais

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Version toile

95,00€ 49,00€

Version cuir

175,00€ 142,00€

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In 1993, Faton publishing has edited a book in two volumes redact under the direction of Daniel Alcouffe, about Louvre's furniture. The book about Louvre's bronze furniture just come after, write as the first volume by some department's curators. The main part of the collection is performed here: 164 objects with, for each of them, an historical notice and sumptuous pictures with a lot of details, where bronzes and their gilding perform the fascination that the concerned artists want them to have.