Versailles Furniture of the Royal Palace

Daniel Meyer et Pierre Arizzoli-Clementel

Tome 1 : 300 pages au format 23 x 30 cm

Tome 2 : 300 pages au format 23 x 30 cm
sur papier couché classique 150 g
environ 700 photos inédites couleurs
relié pleine toile sous jaquette illustrée et coffret maitre relieur

Date de parution : Décembre 2002
ISBN : 978-2-87844-058-4

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Version toile

299,00€ 149,00€

Version cuir

355,00€ 242,00€

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Louis XIV moved to Versailles in 1672. Some ten years later work on enlarging the palace and building the Hall of Mirrors had been completed. br>
The Treaty of Nijmegen had confirmed the pre-eminence of France on the continent of Europe. In the palace, designed to match the King's aspirations, the decorative arts contributed to the creation of a world of splendour and perfection which was to set the fashion both in France and abroad.